Design of the PASS M0

PASS M0 Classic

PASS M0 Rotating Chamber
The Circuit Breaker is activated by three single-phase or one three-phase self-blast type spring loaded drive.

The Disconnector and Earth switch are integrated in one single mechanism; the contacts are mounted on the corpus of the module and on its internal rotating shaft, which movement allows shifting between the possible configurations of the module.

The Classic PASS modules offer the flexibility made possible by the use of one dedicated shaft and drive per three-phase disconnector and earth switch device.

In the new Rotating Chamber modules all the Disconnector and Earth switch devices are all operated by one single internal shaft and one three-phase drive, thus reducing the number of internal components and increasing reliability.

The Gas insulated Bushings are made of an epoxy impregnated fiberglass tube and silicon rubber sheds, which are hydrophobic, don’t require maintenance and are resistant to mechanical stress.

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